Sneaky Sam

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Meet Sneaky Sam…

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Angular foam latex mask with a particular anatomy. Sneaky Sam is particularly pointed: the nose, cheekbones and pay attention to his jaw line. He has quite a split personality … chin!

This mask is, like every other full face mask in our web shop, made out of several parts that can be easily torn apart, so the different appliances can be applied on the face separately. The appliances can overlap each other if necessary. Therefore, this mask it will fit on any adult face.

To apply, colour and remove our masks and appliances you need to use special glue, makeup and remover. A complete starter kit is available in our web shop in the category ‘fx make-up’. Download and read our ‘step by step manual’, here you can find instructions how to apply, colour and remove this mask.

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The masks and appliances from MaskMania! are designed for adult faces. Therefore, these products are not suitable for a child’s face. There are plans to design new products that are suitable for children, so keep an eye on our website for the latest developments.

This product comes uncoloured.

Additional Information

Sculpting: Kevin van den Bergh

Make-up: Kevin van den Bergh     

Photographer: Benita Bosvelt & Richard Polderman


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